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23 Agustus 2007
Pengiriman Ikan/Fish shipment detail

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Thx gan..ikannya sudah smpai dan ok bgt..sukses slalu

Pakan sudah diterima dgn baik. Packing rapi banget. Sukses bro buat dagangannya

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product arrow Momotaro Bacteria House

Momotaro Bacteria House
Price Rp 2.400.000 Beli

Bacteria House adalah media filter yang didesain dan disempurnakan untuk memberikan hasil optimum dalam bakki shower, tanpa tambahan media filter lainnya


Bacteria House is  a media designed and refined to give optimum results in 'Bakki Showers', with no need of any other form of filtration.

Bacteria House doesn't only work in Bakki Showers, it also works superbly in submerged filtration.

One of the many strong points about Bacteria House  is that the water doesn't get discoloured (brown) which is commonly seen nowadays.

The Other Advantages of Bakki Showers :

  • maintenance free

  • complete bio-filtration, including nitrates

  • extremely fast to mature

  • excellent water clarity

  • huge oxygenation
  • 'far infra-red' rays have an effect of freshening water, and deodorizing space saving design means that [the filtration for] a pond of 10,000 gallons can occupy the space of a conventional 6000 gallon pond

  • most Bakki Showered ponds will run without the need for a U/V

  • fast recovery following power cuts. Won't become oxygen starved like a conventional filter

  • Bacteria House won't  be worn out, block.


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